Opening Hours

Mon - Sat: 6.30am - 11.00pm

(Currently it is not permitted to open on Sundays and public holidays in Saxony.)


6 kg capacity machine wash & spin (6am-11am) 2,40€
6 kg capacity machine wash & spin (11am-11pm) 3,00€
14 kg capacity machine wash & spin 7,20€
14 kg capacity tumble dryer 1 x tumble drying (11 min) 0,80€
roller iron 1 x roller ironing (12 min) 1.00€
detergent powder (normal) 0.30€
fabric softener dose 0.30€

How to find us

Louisenstraße 6
01099 Dresden-Neustadt

Public transport:
Tram: 7, 8 stop "Louisenstraße"

Bike Parking

In July 2001 a bicycle parking lot was built in our backyard (thoroughfare next to the launderette) exclusively for the guests of the launderette.


The launderette "Crazy" is equipped with:

• 12 washing machines of 6 kg capacity
• 2 washing machines of 14 kg capacity
• 6 tumble dryers of 14 kg capacity
• 1 rotary iron

How to use


  1. put laundry in, close the door by turning the handle; adjust washing programme by turning the knob; intensiv = prewash
  2. detergent: first put the cup in, and then choose detergent; fill it in the washing machine (detergent in compartment II, fabric softener in compartment 'flower', large washing machine = 2x detergent)
  3. insert coins into the automat and press the number of your washing machine (number of the button = number of the washing machine); press knob for start on the washing machine!
  4. after programme is finished, open the door by turning the handle and take your laundry

  1. put laundry in, close the door, engage
  2. insert coins in the automate and push the number of the dryer (number of button = number of dryer)
  3. select temperature on dryer, push the start button, after end of the programme open the door, take the laundry

  1. insert coins in the blue automate push button 21
  2. switch the white tumbler on the mangle regulate the the wheel on the right side (1-4 m/min), select temperature
  3. wait the mangle-roller with the black foot-pedal


Washing and Drying Duration

Usually a normal wash cycle of 30°C-95°C takes 30 to 60 minutes. Drying takes 22 to 33 minutes depending on the quality and quantity of your washing load.

Interesting Facts

The launderette “Crazy” was opened 18 June 2000.
It has been a popular abode for dirty laundry ever since. They say that there are even people who own a washing machine, but go to this launderette occasionally in order to meet interesting people and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. The washing machines are electronically controlled. Directly before the start of the wash cycle the laundry’s weight is determined by a mock spin cycle. The machine then uses energy and water accordingly. Spin speed amounts to a pleasant 1300 rotations per minute. The tumble dryers vaporise about 19kg water per hour at highest temperature. Further to mention are the adjustable deckchairs with cushions which are there for your comfort.


The yellowish colouring of walls and machines is to represent lightness, cheerfulness and warmth. Popular graffiti artist Andy K. added the sprayed art work. Various of his works can be found in the city, e.g. the Canaletto Panorama in vicinity of the Marienbrücke, the arches at Bahnhof Mitte (turn of the century scene), pictures in the Groove Station (Neustadt) and Filmkneipe Oscar (Neustadt).


This launderette is cleaned daily!